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                         Weihai xigang international yacht club co., LTD. Was established in 2006, located in the beautiful little stone island harbor, the club has already shown its prototype, the first berth wharf has been built, can berthing 20 yachts below 20 meters. Berths are leased out or sold out for 20 years, with experienced seafaring captains and management. The upscale club has been designed by the international famous experts, will soon build a set of catering, accommodation, leisure, entertainment in one of the business hall, to provide all members elegant, high quality service.

                        With the establishment of the club, a third industrial chain integrating tourism, leisure, business and entertainment has been formed within 5 kilometers of the coast, making it a perfect and beautiful scenery.

                        As early as the 17th century, European nobles began to build yachts, and by the 18th century, this trend was even more popular. The interior decoration of a luxury yacht is exquisite, all kinds of configuration are available, can perfect family leisure, business communication and outdoor enjoyment is an integral whole, fully reflected the high quality of modern life and high grade style. In abroad especially euramerican country, play houseboat is very fashionable recreational means. Not just because they are obsessed with the sea and the yacht itself, but because they see owning a yacht as a shortcut to their self-worth.

                        Due to the favorable economic and social environment, more and more Chinese residents begin to accept this new type of water leisure, and begin to get closer to nature and green landscape. For them, yacht should not only be a simple consumer goods, more importantly, it represents a new concept, a pursuit of fun in life.


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                        Add:NO.969,South keji road,Weihai,Shandong,China



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