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                        Add:NO.969,South keji road,Weihai,Shandong,China



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                        WEIHAI XIGANG YACHT CO. LTD

                              Founded in 1986, Weihai Xigang Yacht Co., Ltd., which is formerly named Weihai Zhunei Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Ship Co.,Ltd. , is growing to be a well-known boat builder in North and East China,engaging in designing and building yachts, fishing boats, sport fishing boats,passenger boats, tourist boats,sailboats, working boats etc. in fiberglass (FRP), also some sports products like fishing rods and ski poles etc.

                              Our factory covers an area of 50000 m2, including the constant temperature workshop of 1500 m2 and 150m dock. Our yacht club with our own dock provides more than 200 berths. We are one of the biggest FRP boat production base in North and East China.

                        We have focused on the development of FRP yachts and boats for decades, with excellent teams for designing and building, we are capable of building yachts and boats from 5m to 40m. We were the first company to develop and build FRP fishing boats in China, and still keep the record of building the largest FRP fishing boat in China. The designing of 36.6m FRP long line fishing boat is completed. Our newly launched 115ft luxury yacht is one of the biggest yachts in China. In recent years, we strive hard to develop and build modern yachts and recreational sport fishing boats to meet the growing demands for yachting and sea life.

                        We also have a fishing gear factory with adequate equipment and more than 100 skilled workers, we can design and manufacture various kinds of fishing rods in carbon,fiberglass and composite materials, exporting over 1 million piece rods every year to over 30 countries or regions like Europe, the United States, Australia etc.,we are oem factory for world brands like SHIMANO etc.

                             Hoping we can work together to build a better life for all.

                        Main products:Yacht? fishing boat ? government boat ? fishing boat ? tourist boat ? sailing boat ? ocean ranch platform ? fishing gear







                        WEIHAI XIGANG YACHT CO.,LTD.

                        Add:NO.969,South keji road,Weihai,Shandong,China



                        Contact : Alan



                        Technical support:Heng hui technology

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